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Fast Way to Obtain Cana­dian Police Check.
RCMP Crim­i­nal Record Check at Low Price.


World­wide Foren­sic Ser­vices has helped thou­sands of local and inter­na­tional clients to obtain RCMP Crim­i­nal Record Check, by dig­i­tiz­ing ink fin­ger­prints and elec­tron­i­cally trans­mit­ting to the RCMP, via a secure server. 

Our fin­ger­print­ing agency is accred­ited and cer­ti­fied by the Royal Cana­dian Mounted Police (RCMP) Canada, to con­vert paper fin­ger­prints to encrypted dig­i­tal for­mat for elec­tronic trans­mis­sion. Click here to see RCMP’s Accred­i­ta­tion Certificate. 

You can get your fin­ger­prints taken by the local police and send us the orig­i­nal fin­ger­print form. We will dig­i­tize fin­ger­prints with Card Scan tech­nol­ogy and trans­mit to the RCMP, the same day. 

Please send us a quick mes­sage and we will email you the detailed infor­ma­tion and forms, as soon as possible:


The fin­ger­prints are dig­i­tized and trans­mit­ted to the RCMP, the same day we receive them. The Cer­ti­fied Crim­i­nal Record Check (duly cer­ti­fied, embossed and signed by the RCMP on their let­terhead, click here to see the sam­ple) is directly sent by the RCMP to the appli­cant or a third party, via Canada Post reg­u­lar mail. An elec­tronic trans­mis­sion of fin­ger­prints to the RCMP reduces wait time to 3–5 busi­ness days plus the mail­ing time (If a per­son was ever charged by the police in Canada (con­victed or not con­victed), over­stayed in Canada or deported from Canada, the pro­cess­ing time can be up to 120 days or even more).

To fur­ther speed up the process, we can receive cer­ti­fied crim­i­nal record check from the RCMP and send it to the appli­cant or a third party (as per request) via courier, at an addi­tional cost. This is the quick­est way to obtain poilce clear­ance cer­tifi­cate from Canada.

We accept inked fin­ger­prints taken by fin­ger­print­ing agen­cies or police author­i­ties from the coun­tries around the world. We also accept Live Scan dig­i­tal fin­ger­prints, printed on paper.

Dif­fer­ent from the rest

  • We are the only fin­ger­print­ing agency run by Foren­sic Pro­fes­sion­als, hav­ing over 30 years expe­ri­ence in tak­ing and exam­in­ing fingerprints.
  • You can down­load or we email you a full appli­ca­tion pack­age con­sist­ing of guide­lines, check list, card scan appli­ca­tion, fin­ger­print form, third party con­sent form and credit card pay­ment form.
  • We have helped thou­sands of inter­na­tional clients to obtain Cana­dian Police Clear­ance, with 100% suc­cess rate. Please read their tes­ti­mo­ni­als.
  • With mul­ti­ple work­sta­tions, we trans­mit fin­ger­prints to the RCMP, the same day we receive them.
  • You have an option to get your fin­ger­prints reviewed before you send the orig­i­nal doc­u­ments. This saves lot of time and frustration.
  • With highly pro­fes­sional cus­tomer ser­vice, we guide you and keep you updated at every step.
  • In case the fin­ger­prints are not clear, we pro­vide free re-submissions to the RCMP.
  • In case some infor­ma­tion is miss­ing, we do not sim­ply return the doc­u­ments. To save time and avoid frus­tra­tion, we ask for the miss­ing infor­ma­tion and resume the process.
  • We promptly reply to the emails and pro­vide per­son­al­ized ser­vice to each and every client. Click below to read Testimonials:

Read Tes­ti­mo­ni­als

 Please have a look at the flow chart to see as to how it works:International Fingerprinting Digitization Process

World­wide Foren­sic Ser­vices Inc. has suc­cess­fully helped our clients, liv­ing in the fol­low­ing coun­tries, to obtain RCMP crim­i­nal record check (also known as Cana­dian Police Check, Police Clear­ance Cer­tifi­cate, Cana­dian Back­ground Check, Cer­tifi­cate of Good Con­duct, Crim­i­nal Back­ground Check, Cana­dian Crim­i­nal Record Check, PCC Canada etc.):

Afghanistan, Alba­nia, Argentina, Aus­tralia, Aus­tria, The Bahamas, Bangladesh, Bar­ba­dos, Belarus, Bel­gium, Bermuda, Brazil, British Vir­gin Islands, Bul­garia, Cam­bo­dia, Cay­man Islands, Chile, China, Colom­bia, Costa Rica, Croa­tia, Cuba, Czech Repub­lic, Den­mark, Ecuador, Egypt, Esto­nia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Fin­land, France, Ger­many, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Hon­duras, Hong Kong, Hun­gary, India, Indone­sia, Ire­land, Iran, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jer­sey, Jor­dan, Kenya, Korea, South, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithua­nia, Macau, Malawi, Malaysia, Mex­ico, Mozam­bique, Nepal, Nether­lands, New Zealand, Nige­ria, Nor­way, Pak­istan, Panama, Philip­pines, Poland, Qatar, Roma­nia, Rus­sia, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Saint Vin­cent and the Grenadines, Saudi Ara­bia, Scot­land, Sin­ga­pore, Slo­va­kia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Swe­den, Switzer­land, Syria, Tai­wan, Thai­land, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emi­rates, United King­dom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Viet­nam and Vir­gin Islands.

Fast FBI Clearance
Authen­ti­ca­tion and Legal­iza­tion of the RCMP’s Cer­ti­fied Crim­i­nal Record Check

For­eign Gov­ern­ments and Orga­ni­za­tions some­times require the RCMP’s Cer­ti­fied Crim­i­nal Record Check to be authen­ti­cated by the Depart­ment of For­eign Affairs and Inter­na­tional Trade (DFAIT) and legal­ized by the respec­tive Embassy/Consulate, before they accept it.

Canada is not a sig­na­tory of Hague Con­ven­tion abol­ish­ing the require­ment for legal­iza­tion for for­eign pub­lic doc­u­ments; there­fore the term “Apos­tille” is not used for cer­ti­fi­ca­tion of doc­u­ments in Canada. The doc­u­ments orig­i­nat­ing in Canada need to be authen­ti­cated and legal­ized for use in a for­eign country.

In addi­tion to our express fin­ger­print­ing ser­vices, we can get RCMP’s cer­ti­fied crim­i­nal record check authen­ti­cated by DFAIT and legal­ized by an Embassy/Consulate to pro­vide full ser­vice and to reduce the costs.Authentication-and-LegalizationPlease con­tact us and we promise to pro­vide our excel­lent ser­vices at rea­son­able fee.

Fre­quently Asked Questions

The RCMP has posted a list of accred­ited agen­cies on their web­site and your company’s name is not present in that list. How can I make sure that you are accred­ited by the RCMP to pro­vide card scan service?

World­wide Foren­sic Ser­vices Inc. is an affil­i­ate of ClearNeed Infor­ma­tion Sys­tems listed on the RCMP’s web­site. We are a lead­ing fin­ger­print­ing agency in Canada, pro­vid­ing ser­vices to the Inter­na­tional clients. 


Can I email you a scanned ver­sion of my fin­ger­prints for elec­tronic trans­mis­sion to the RCMP for obtain­ing Cana­dian back­ground check?

Unfor­tu­nately we can­not process scanned ver­sion of fin­ger­prints. You need to send us the orig­i­nal fin­ger­print form, along with the other doc­u­ments, as per the check list.

How would I know that you have received my documents?

Once we receive your doc­u­ments and trans­mit fin­ger­prints to the RCMP (the same day), we will send you a con­fir­ma­tion email. You do not need to keep on send­ing emails to us to check as to whether we have received your doc­u­ments or not.

Can I get my fin­ger­prints taken on the form used by the police of the coun­try, I am liv­ing in?

Yes you can. You have to make sure that the fin­ger­print lay­out is the same as on the RCMP’s form or the FBI’s fin­ger­print card. Please have a look on the sam­ple fin­ger­print form.

Once you receive my doc­u­ments, how long will it take to receive the Cana­dian Police Check?

The RCMP takes 3 to 5 busi­ness days to process fin­ger­prints and after that they send out the cer­ti­fied crim­i­nal record check via reg­u­lar mail. If there is a crim­i­nal record, the RCMP can take up to 4 months to send the results.

Can RCMP send the Cana­dian Crim­i­nal Record Check out­side of Canada?

Yes the RCMP can send the Cer­ti­fied Crim­i­nal Record Check to you via reg­u­lar mail, at no addi­tional cost.

I need the RCMP’s Cer­ti­fied Crim­i­nal Record Check as soon as pos­si­ble. Can I request the RCMP to send it to your com­pany and you can then for­ward to me via courier?

Yes you can. You need to com­plete Third Party Con­sent Form and write our address on it. We will receive it from the RCMP and send it to you via courier, at an addi­tional courier fee. Please send us a quick email pro­vid­ing your com­plete address. We will obtain a quote from the courier com­pany and let you know.

I just need “Name and Date of Birth Based Police Clear­ance”. Can I obtain it while liv­ing overseas?

You need to sub­mit fin­ger­prints for obtain­ing Cer­ti­fied Crim­i­nal Record Check from the RCMP. You need to be present in Canada for basic name and date of birth based back­ground check.

Why do you ask for a pass­port size photograph?

The pho­to­graph is printed on the cer­ti­fied crim­i­nal record check. We trans­mit pho­to­graph, along with the fin­ger­prints, to the RCMP.

How can I pay for your services?

You can pay by Credit Card (Visa or Mas­ter Card only), Pay­Pal, email trans­fer, inter­na­tional money order or bank draft. If you want to pay via Pay­Pal, send us a quick mes­sage to request a Pay­Pal invoice. 

Can my friend or rel­a­tive pay on my behalf?

Yes they can. You can for­ward credit card pay­ment form to your friend or fam­ily mem­ber. They can com­plete it, sign it and email/fax it to us.

How can I check the sta­tus of my application?

Once we receive your doc­u­ments and trans­mit fin­ger­prints to the RCMP, we will send you a con­fir­ma­tion email.  Unless autho­rized by the appli­cant, the RCMP do not release any fur­ther infor­ma­tion to World­wide Foren­sic Ser­vices Inc. The appli­cant or an autho­rized third party can inquire about the sta­tus of fin­ger­prints sub­mis­sion by send­ing an email to the RCMP at

Can I print the Fin­ger­print form C-216C emailed by you and get my fin­ger­prints taken on it?

Yes you can.                    

I have a pho­to­copy of fin­ger­print form. Can I send it to you for processing?

We can­not process pho­to­copy. You need to send us the orig­i­nal fin­ger­print form via mail or courier.

Can RCMP send my Cer­ti­fied Crim­i­nal Record Check to my lawyer, immi­gra­tion office or a third party?

Yes it is pos­si­ble. You need to com­plete a third party con­sent form and write their address on it. The right thumb print on that form is mandatory.

When I went to the police to get my fin­ger­prints taken, I for­got to take my right thumb print on the third party con­sent form. Do I need to go back to the police to do it?

You can just buy a stamp pad (any colour) and put right thumbprint on this form. If you are not sure about the clar­ity of the thumbprint, please send us 2, 3 forms and we will select the clear­est one.

Can you also help to obtain back­ground check from the FBI in the same way as from the RCMP?

From Canada we can­not elec­tron­i­cally trans­mit fin­ger­prints to the FBI to reduce wait time.

The Cer­ti­fied Crim­i­nal Record Check issued by the RCMP needs to be authen­ti­cated and legal­ized by an Embassy/ Con­sulate in Canada. Do you also offer this service?

Yes we also offer this ser­vice at an addi­tional fee. Please let us know your require­ment and we will send you a price quote.

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