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FBI Fin­ger­print Kit

If you live in the areas where it is dif­fi­cult to find the FBI cards or to get fin­ger­prints taken on the FBI cards, you can take your own fin­ger­prints or seek the help of a friend or fam­ily mem­ber to take fin­ger­prints on the FBI cards with this com­plete FBI fin­ger­print kit. The FBI (http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/background-checks/submitting-an-identification-record-request-to-the-fbi) says “If pos­si­ble, have your fin­ger­prints taken by a fin­ger­print­ing tech­ni­cian. This ser­vice may be avail­able at a law enforce­ment agency,” and they also accept fin­ger­prints taken by the applicant. This kit con­tains every­thing you need for tak­ing fin­ger­prints on the stan­dard FBI fin­ger­print cards.

Included in the kit are:

  • Four stan­dard high qual­ity FBI cards (FD-258)
  • Four ink strips
  • One com­pleted sam­ple FBI card
  • One set of instructions.

Offi­cial FBI Fin­ger­print Cards FD-258

To obtain a copy of Crim­i­nal Back­ground Check (also known as police cer­tifi­cate, let­ter of good con­duct, crim­i­nal his­tory back­ground, etc.), you need to sub­mit your fin­ger­prints to the FBI on the stan­dard FBI Fin­ger­print­ing Card FD-258 along with an appli­ca­tion and the required fee.

You can down­load and print this fin­ger­print card from the FBI’s web­site.

You can also down­load an appli­ca­tion and get the infor­ma­tion from the web­site.

You can also buy the hard copies of the FBI Fin­ger­print Card (FD-258) by click­ing on the “Buy Now” but­ton below:

FBI Cards (FD-258)