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Digital Fingerprinting Services

How can I check the sta­tus of my fingerprints sub­mit­ted to RCMP?

You can call the RCMP at 613-998-6362 or send­ an email to

The RCMP do not allow us to check the status or follow up with them.

Where do I go to get fin­ger­prints taken in Toronto?

You can walk into our Scar­bor­ough office to get fast and friendly ser­vices at low­est rates.

Do I need to submit fingerprints to obtain police clearance for immigration or citizenship applications?

Yes the Citizenship and Immigration Canada accept only fingerprints based police clearance (also known as "certified criminal record check", "criminal records check", "criminal background check", "certificate of good conduct", "PCC" etc.)

What's the cost of fin­ger­print­ing Services?

We charge $39.00 plus HST. The RCMP fee $25.00 also applies in some cases.

Please visit ‘our pric­ing’ page for more details.

Why dig­i­tal fin­ger­prints are bet­ter that the tra­di­tional ink & roll fingerprints?

The fingerprints taken with live-scan are clearer than the ink & roll fingerprints. The process is easy, and we can right away transmit fingerprints to the RCMP (via a secure server).

The RCMP nor­mally process elec­tronic fin­ger­print sub­mis­sion in 72 hours, as com­pared to the months taken for pro­cess­ing ink & roll fingerprints.

I under­stand that in addi­tion to fin­ger­print­ing ser­vices, your com­pany also pro­vides Name and Date of Birth based police clear­ance ser­vices (CPIC). Is there any dif­fer­ence in the ser­vices pro­vided by you and the local police?

There is no dif­fer­ence. We are an agent of the police. The clear­ance let­ter is issued by the police on their let­ter-head. We simply help to get it done in a quicker way.

I applied for a police-check and my appli­ca­tion was returned, ask­ing for sub­mis­sion of my fin­ger­prints to the RCMP. What should I do?

You can walk-in with two pieces of ID. We are accred­ited and cer­ti­fied by the RCMP to take and transmit fingerprints for civil pur­poses. The fingerprints are taken with live-scan and transmitted to the RCMP in couple of minutes.

Can you take fin­ger­prints on RCMP's fingerprint form C-216C?

Yes we can. You can walk-in with two pieces of ID and walk-out with a complete fingerprint form.

Do I need an appoint­ment?

No. You can walk-in during our office hours.

What do I need to bring with me for fin­ger­print­ing services?

You are required to bring two pieces of accept­able iden­ti­fi­ca­tion (one of them must be a photo ID) and the appli­ca­tion fees.

How will I receive my results?

The RCMP will directly send a certified criminal record check (hard copy), via Canada Post regular (non-trackable) mail. If you fill-out and sign a third party consent form, the RCMP can also send the certified criminal record check to a third party.

Can you pro­vide fin­ger­prints on the FBI fingerprint card (Form FD 258) for obtaining Identity History Summary Check fro the FBI, USA ?

Yes we can. We are foren­sic pro­fes­sion­als and make sure that your fin­ger­prints are clear and pass through the qual­ity tests of the FBI. Please visit our FBI Fingerprinting Page.

Do I need to bring FBI fingerprint card with me for fin­ger­print­ing needs?

We have FBI fin­ger­print cards and the required information. You would need to bring only two pieces of ID.

Do you pro­vide fin­ger­print­ing ser­vice for obtain­ing police clear­ance from the other coun­tries?

Yes we do. The fingerprints taken by us are accepted by all the foreign countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Nigeria, Jamaica, Iran, UAE, Qatar, St. Vincent etc.

Do I need to sub­mit fin­ger­prints for Cit­i­zen­ship Application?


Do I need to sub­mit fin­ger­prints for Immi­gra­tion Application?

You may be required to pro­vide a fin­ger­print based police clearance.

Do I need to sub­mit fin­ger­prints for an inter­na­tional adop­tion application?

Yes. The authorities require a fingerprint based check.

Where is your client base?

Our local clients come from Scarborough, Markham, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Malton, Etobicoke, North York, Pickering, Whitby, Stouffville, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton etc.

We have helped thousands of our international clients with 100% success rate. Please read their Testimonials.

Name and Date of Birth Based Criminal Background Checks (CPIC)

Where I can get Police Back­ground Check in Toronto?

You can walk-in with two pieces of valid IDs. If you come before 3 pm, you can get it in 2 hours or less.

What do I need to bring with me for obtain­ing Police Clear­ance Certificate?

You are required to bring two pieces of accept­able iden­ti­fi­ca­tion (one of them must be a photo ID), and the appli­ca­tion fees.

Do I need an appoint­ment?

You do not need to make an appoint­ment.

Is there any dif­fer­ence in the Police Cer­tifi­cate Service provided by you and the Police Cer­tifi­cate provided by the local Police?

There is no dif­fer­ence. We are an agent of the police services, and will submit your appli­ca­tion to the police. The police clearance cer­tifi­cate is issued by the police on their letter-head.

How come you can provide Police Clearance Cer­tifi­cate in 2 hours?

We are an agent of com­par­a­tively less busier police ser­vices. They are pretty fast in send­ing back the police clearance.

I have a crim­i­nal record. Can I obtain a name and date of birth based (CPIC) police ref­er­ence check?

Your appli­ca­tion for name and date of birth based police clear­ance may end up in an incomplete result ask­ing for sub­mis­sion of fin­ger­prints to the RCMP. You will loose the money paid for the CPIC.

I applied for a Police Crim­i­nal Record Check and my appli­ca­tion was returned ask­ing for sub­mis­sion of my fin­ger­prints to the RCMP. What should I do?

You can walk-in with two valid Ids. We will take fin­ger­prints and elec­tron­i­cally trans­mit them to the RCMP.

How do I get my results?

You can come back to pick-up the original police cer­tifi­cate.

Fin­ger­print Based Crim­i­nal Back­ground Check

Please visit our Digital Fingerprinting page to get detailed information.

FBI Fin­ger­print­ing Services

How do I get a police cer­tifi­cate (Identity History Summary Check) from The Fed­eral Bureau of Inves­ti­ga­tion (FBI) USA?

Walk-in with two pieces of ID. We will take your fin­ger­prints on a stan­dard FBI fin­ger­print card (FD-258), and will pro­vide you the rel­e­vant information.

Do I need to make an appointment?

You do not need an appointment. You can walk-in with two pieces of ID (one must be a photo ID)

Do I need to bring FBI fin­ger­print form (FD-258) with me?

We do have the FBI fingerprint cards. You just need to bring two pieces of iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and the required fee.

Do you take fingerprints with ink or live-scan?

We take fingerprints with live-scan and print them on standard fingerprint card with FBI's certified printer. The live-scan fingerprints are better than the ink & roll fingerprints, and they are accepted by the FBI.

We can also take fingerprints with ink & roll.

How much you charge for your service?

$39.00 plus HST (total $44.07), payable by cash or debit card.

Why should I choose World­wide Foren­sic Ser­vices Inc for my fin­ger­print­ing needs?

We are foren­sic pro­fes­sion­als with over 33 years experience. We are proficient in taking fingerprints and make our best efforts to provide an excellent service.

What happens if my fingerprints get rejected by the FBI?

The fingerprints taken with live-scan at our facility rarely get ejected by the FBI. We are forensic professionals and proficient in taking fingerprints.

In case, they are rejected by the FBI, we provide free re-takes.

Where can I find more infor­ma­tion about FBI Iden­ti­ty History Summary Checks?”

You can visit FBI's website to get more details.

I under­stand that I need to sub­mit an appli­ca­tion with my fin­ger­prints card to the FBI. Where can I get the appli­ca­tion form?

You can down­load it from FBI’s web­site or we can pro­vide a copy dur­ing your visit to our office.

How much fee is to be paid to the FBI and how can I pay it?

US $18.00 in the form of a money order or cer­ti­fied cheque payable to the “Trea­sury of the United States”. You can also pay by credit card, but no per­sonal or busi­ness cheques.

Can I pay to the FBI by Credit Card?

Yes you can down­load credit card pay­ment form from the FBI’s web­site.

International Services (Inked Fingerprints Digitization)

The RCMP has listed accred­ited agen­cies on their web­site and your company’s name is not on that list. How can I make sure you are accred­ited by the RCMP?

World­wide Foren­sic Ser­vices Inc is an affil­i­ate of ClearNeed Infor­ma­tion Sys­tems (listed on the RCMP’s web­site). We are one of the lead­ing fin­ger­print­ing agencies in Canada, pro­vid­ing ser­vices to the Inter­na­tional clients. We have helped over 3000 clients living overseas.

Can I email you a scanned ver­sion of my fin­ger­prints for elec­tronic trans­mis­sion to the RCMP?

Unfor­tu­nately we can­not process scanned ver­sion of fin­ger­prints. You would need to send us the orig­i­nal fin­ger­print form (via mail or courier), along with the other doc­u­ments, as per the check-list.

I have a pho­to­copy of fin­ger­print form. Can I send it to you for processing?

We can­not process a pho­to­copy. You would need to send the orig­i­nal fin­ger­print form via mail or courier.

How would I know that you have received my documents?

Once we receive your doc­u­ments and trans­mit fin­ger­prints to the RCMP (the same day), we will send you a con­fir­ma­tion email. You do not need to keep on send­ing emails to check as to whether we have received your doc­u­ments or not.

Can I get my fin­ger­prints taken on the fingerprint form used by the police of the coun­try, I am liv­ing in?

Yes you can. You have to make sure that the fin­ger­print lay­out is the same as on the RCMP’s form or the FBI’s fin­ger­print card. We also accept fingerprints taken with live-scan and printed on the fingerprints form.

Once you receive my doc­u­ments, how long will it take to receive the Cana­dian Police Check?

The RCMP takes 3 to 5 busi­ness days to process fin­ger­prints and after that they send out the cer­ti­fied crim­i­nal record check (hard copy), via non-trackable Canada Post reg­u­lar mail.

If there is a crim­i­nal record, the RCMP can take up to 4 months or even longer to send the results.

Can the RCMP send the Cana­dian Crim­i­nal Record Check to an address out­side of Canada?

Yes the RCMP can send the Cer­ti­fied Crim­i­nal Record Check to any address (in Canada or outside of Canada), at no addi­tional cost.

I need the RCMP’s Cer­ti­fied Crim­i­nal Record Check as soon as pos­si­ble. Can I request the RCMP to send it to your com­pany and you can then send it via courier?

Yes you can. You need to com­plete Third Party Con­sent Form and write our address on it. We will receive it from the RCMP and send it to you via courier, at an addi­tional courier fee.

Please send us a quick email pro­vid­ing your com­plete address. We will obtain a quote from the courier com­pany and let you know.

I just need “Name and Date of Birth Based Police Clear­ance”. Can I obtain it while liv­ing overseas?

You need to sub­mit fin­ger­prints for obtain­ing Cer­ti­fied Crim­i­nal Record Check from the RCMP. You need to be present in Canada for basic name and date of birth based back­ground check.

Why do you ask for my photograph?

The pho­to­graph is printed on the cer­ti­fied crim­i­nal record check. With fingerprints, we also trans­mit a pho­to­graph of the applicant.

How can I pay for your services?

You can pay by a Credit Card (Visa or Mas­terCard only), Pay­Pal, email trans­fer (to, an inter­na­tional money order or bank draft.

If you want to pay via Pay­Pal, send us a quick mes­sage to request a Pay­Pal invoice. You do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal.

Can my friend or rel­a­tive pay on my behalf?

Yes they can. You can for­ward credit card pay­ment form to your friend or fam­ily mem­ber. They can com­plete it, sign it and email to us.

How can I check the sta­tus of my application?

Once we trans­mit fin­ger­prints to the RCMP, we will send you a con­fir­ma­tion email.

To check the status, you can call the RCMP at 613-998-6362 or send­ an email to

The RCMP do not allow us to check the status or follow up with them.

Can I print the Fin­ger­print form C-216C emailed by you and get my fin­ger­prints taken on it?

Yes you can.

Can RCMP send my Cer­ti­fied Crim­i­nal Record Check to my lawyer, immi­gra­tion office or a third party?

Yes it is pos­si­ble. You need to com­plete a third party con­sent form and write their address on it. The right thumb print on that form is mandatory.

When I went to the police to get my fin­ger­prints taken, I for­got to take my right thumb print on the third party con­sent form. Do I need to go back to the police to do it?

You can use a stamp pad (any color) and put right thumbprint on this form. If you are not sure about the clar­ity of the thumbprint, please send us 2, 3 forms and we will select the clear­est one.

Can you also help to obtain back­ground check from the FBI in the same way as from the RCMP?

From Canada we can­not elec­tron­i­cally trans­mit fin­ger­prints to the FBI to reduce wait time.

The Cer­ti­fied Crim­i­nal Record Check issued by the RCMP needs to be authen­ti­cated and legal­ized by an Embassy/Con­sulate in Canada. Do you also offer this service?

Yes we also offer this ser­vice at an addi­tional fee. Please let us know your require­ment and we will send you a price quote.